"There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature -- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter."  ~ Rachel Carson

To record/submit your sightings and observations:
1.  Download this PDF and print one for each day you observe.  Save completed forms and turn in to Ms. Stuhr when school reopens.
2.  Use Google Forms, below. (You will need to complete one Google Form for each sighting.  If you see 2 cardinals and 10 robins, you will need to do one Form for the cardinals and a second Form for the robins.  Etc., etc., etc.)
***You may do a combination of the print and digital forms, but not for the same day.  We are trying to avoid duplication.***

Google Forms to Submit Sightings and Observations

Form for
BIRDS Sighted
Sharp Shinned Hawk
Form for
Form for
Red Eye Frog
Form for
Form for
BUGS (insects & spiders) Sighted
Fern leaf
Form for
PLANT Observations

Project Goals:

• To discover (and inventory) the many wild wonders found around Yarmouth homes and parks

• To observe, firsthand, how the spring season unfolds at our local level

• To get fresh air and be more aware of our natural world

How to Participate:

• Download/print as many PDFs of form (below) to report multiple sightings---one form per day.  Accumulate the completed sheets and turn in to Ms. Stuhr at the HMS Library when we return to school.


• OR - You may fill out Google Forms (see below) for each sighting.  This Google Form is designed to report a single species at a time. (A bit clunky, but it works.  Fill out as many as it takes per day to report all sightings.)


Questions?  Contact Merry Stuhr, HMS Librarian

You are invited to submit art, poems, or photographs that were inspired by your nature observations!  Email (as attachments) to Ms. Stuhr and she will add to this website. merry_stuhr@yarmouthschools.org
(Your name will be posted with your art/writing/photo.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, be sure to let Ms. Stuhr know in the email.)
Cherish the time you spend with the
Wild Wonders
of Yarmouth!