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What To Do When the Power Goes Out

A CURIOUS THING HAPPENED when a Sou'easter came through Maine at the end of October.  As you well know, Yarmouth did not have school for two days due to power outages.  When school did resume and students chattered on about how they spent their time, a recurrent theme was:  "I READ BOOKS!  What else was there to do?"  Students and adults, alike, lamented over the loss of the Internet, all seemed grateful that they had access to old technology:  BOOKS.  One student who proclaimed that he doesn't normally choose to read, came into the HMS Library to get the third book in a series.  It turns out (he said with some degree of astonishment) I'm actually a great reader!  One parent at our book fair was overheard saying that her family discovered they didn't have enough books in their home. 


At this point, power has been restored and most are undoubtedly back to business as usual, tethered by an invisible thread to one or more electronic devices.  I'm right there with them, but I urge everyone to stop and think back on the disconnected life we were each forced to lead during that relatively brief loss of power.  How did it feel to have time to read a book, play a board game, assemble a jigsaw puzzle or play outside?  

I hope I wasn't the only one who though, "I need to do these things even when we DO have power!"