A Sneak Peek at Some of Books You'll Find at Our Book Fair

                                 * Student Favorites + Newer Releases *

        Ms. Stuhr says...

 "I LOVED this book about a crazy cross-country road 

   trip that also involved  


          The author,

  Gail Donovan, will be at 

    the Book Fair to sign 

     copies of this brand

           new release!

        Ms. Stuhr says...

 "Willa takes us into a world where nature spirits meet humans, and much  

       danger ensues!"

        Ms. Sttuhr says.....

   "A young girl, taken from

her mother who has leprosy,

   fights against all odds to

          return to her."

       Never underestimate

  the wisdom of this "silly old bear!"  This book has been    

    used as a college text for   


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